LDAP Schema Converter

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Short Description

The LDAP Schema Converter currently converts objectclass and attribute type descriptions from the LDAPv3 to the slapd.conf format.

The LDAPv3 schema format is specified in rfc2252. rfc2256 defines objektclasses und attributtypes for Users/Persons. Might be interesting for you.

Used Software

LDAP Schema Converter is implemented in Java (JDK 1.3.0).
antlr version 2.7.1 is used as parser generator. You can read more about antlr at www.antlr.org.
The runtime classes for antlr are provided with LDAP Schema Converter.


GNU General Public License

Known Bugs


LDAP Schema Converter can be downloaded here .


The files test.sh and test.bat can be used as example for how to call Schemaconverter.

Future Extensions

In case I should ever find some time, I could extend the grammar descriptions, improve the rules for mapping of superclasses and syntax definitions. (Maybe even a GUI could make sense for manipulating such rules.)

However I hardly ever have time left for coding.


Artur Schneider

Last changed on 14.07.2003